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Promote Designated book reading for civil servants; materialize life-long learning philosophy



To nurture civil servants’ autonomous learning and knowledge pursuit capabilities, the NACS formulates a reading promotion program to motivate civil servants. Through a series of reading promotion activities and study groups , we want to expedite the promotion of reading philosophy, develop into a learner-centered organization, and to realize life-long learning philosophy amongst civil servants. 


1. “Book of the month” campaign

To encourage civil servants to read visionary and insightful books, we invite experts, scholars and publishers to provide a recommendation list of books (up to 1,000) over the recent five years. The collection of recommended books is separated into two categories, i.e. “public policy and management capabilities” and “self-development and humanitarian care”. From the recommendation list, we then conduct a three-phase selection process and online voting to determine the short list of 12 best books for the “book of the month” campaign.

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2024“Book of the month”


2. Nationwide reading seminars 

To motivate nationwide civil servants to read books, every year the NACS works with nationwide organizations to hold "Book of the month" seminars in various areas to promote benefits of reading. 

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The NACS and Taoyuan City Government invite Speaker Li,Wei-Wen to introduce the book

“Mountain,Wilderness,and the Human Mind”​


3. Cross-library cooperation

Every year, we collaborate with libraries across Taiwan to promote our “Book of the month”  campaigns. Thematic book section is set up to exhibit our selection of books.   


The NACS and Kaohsiung Public Library co-organize a thematic book fair 2

The NACS and Taitung County Public Library co-organize a thematic book fair