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Key development direction
The NACS will continue to improve the quality of trainers and training programs, seek innovative training techniques, catch up with the international human resource development (HRD) trend to cultivate quality human resources, and further enhance the service quality of the government.

Improve senior civil service training; cultivate quality talents for policy implementation
Training programs for senior civil service apply modularized courses based on core competencies, and be instructed by experts and scholars from the industry, government and academia through multiple instructional strategies to nurture senior civil service, and further enhance national competitiveness as a whole.

Optimize Basic Training mechanism; enhance learning effects
Based on needs for national and individual development, the NACS designs training courses, develops adequate teaching methods, and optimize the assessment mechanism. The training program covers both theoretic knowledge and practical operation, incorporates offline and online learning practices, highlights inter-disciplinary exchanges and deepens learning reflection, in order to fulfill new-entry civil servants with necessary service attitude and administrative knowledge and capabilities, as NACS aim to nurture qualified civil servants for our country. 

Attract reputable trainers from various fields; create a teaching environment for excellence
The NACS invites reputable experts and scholars from the industry, government and academia to be guest instructors in our training programs. We provide them rich teaching resources, introduce diverse teaching techniques and civil service case simulation, offering them means to revive the atmosphere in class. Training seminars for trainers are conducted to establish a platform of horizontal exchanges and communication amongst trainers, so to enhance training quality and effects.

Expand international training cooperation network; establish an exchange platform for international civil service training
The NACS organizes various international exchange activities to deepen our cooperation with overseas partners, and explore cooperation possibilities with more overseas and domestic training organizations. Through the establishment of the platform for training exchanges, the NACS is expanding its influence in the field of HRD.

Introduce advanced information and communication technology; upgrade functions of training information system
In the face of cloud technology and wifi network development, the NACS actively applies technological innovation to training services. Training information systems and functions are improved to offer trainees, trainers and counselor with an integrated operation service.