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International Human Resource Development Workshop

2017 IHRD Workshop Program & Program Schedule & Documents for Submission

Topic of Workshop

Design Thinking ╳ Training Trends.

Aim of Workshop
The program aims to foster cooperation of middle and high rank civil servants from different countries and share knowledge in global human resource development trends so as to cultivate international perspective, innovation thinking and interregional collaboration. This program shall deepen cross-border partnership and build an international platform of experience sharing for Academy of Civil Service cultivation network and training.

Feature Courses
Practice of Training Forum, Design Thinking Workshop: Discovery, Interpretation, Ideation, Experimentation, Evolution, and Presentation, and International Conference..

The workshop will proceed in English without the translation service. 


  1. Foreign Trainees – in-service senior civil servants with development potential in civil service training organizations or related domain expertise: 12 candidates open for application. During their stay in Taiwan, NACS will cover their expenses of air ticket, courses, meals and accommodation. Trainees are required to play active roles in information exchanges between two sides, and support human resource-related research, in order to facility international cooperation.
  2. Domestic Trainees – senior civil servants (Grade 7 or above) with adequate English communication skills endorsed by private/ public training institutions and central/local authorities: 20 candidates open for application.

Application Procedure

Foreign Trainees: Upon application, foreign trainees are required to submit 1. Application Form, 2. Letter of Acceptance, 3. Letter of authorization, 4. Practice of Training Forum presentation materials. Candidate shall submit an application through the R.O.C. Embassy, Consulate, or Representative Office in their area. The deadline of the application shall be no later than 11:59 p.m. Central Time on August 31, 2017. Early submission is highly recommended. Upon arriving at Taiwan, qualified trainees are required to provide civil service training system information of his or her home country.

Participants who successfully complete the course will be awarded a certificate at the end of the Workshop.

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