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Management Development Program

Cultivating Skilled, Knowledgeable, And Highly Capable Managers
The civil service manpower in Taiwan is organized into three tiers: operations, management, and strategy. There are 41% in the level of implement, 54% in the level of management level, and 5% in the strategic level.

Deployment of manpower in civil service organizations
manpower distribution
To cultivate a highly capable management level with expertise and deep familiarity with laws and regulations, every civic servant who wants to be promoted to this level must undergo a five-week training program comprised of classes, discussions, lectures on special topics, blended learning, and other types of instruction aimed at fostering an understanding of the relevant topics, including these five main categories : current major national policies and developments, theory and practice for public administration and, laws and regulations relevant to public officials, self-actualization, and program consulting and other activities. Due to the large number of eligible personnel, candidates must undergo a rigorous selection process within their own organization; only 16.5% of eligible personnel are able to participate in this training.

management development training management development training

Category Course Title Hours
Current Major National Policies And Developments

1. National security
2. Analysis of International Situation
3. Government function and reengineering
4.Financial Situation Analysis
5.The Issue and Protection of Human Rights
6.The Reform and Development of the Performance Appraisal System

Theory And Practice For Public Administration 1. Innovative Thinking (case studies and techniques applied included)
2.Innovative Management
3. Project Planning and Exercises
4. Persuasion and coordination
5. Policy Communication and Law Promotion
6. Reform Management
7.Target Management
8.Conference Management
9.Problem Analysis and Solving (case studies and exercises included)
Laws And Regulations Relevant To Civil Servants 1.Accordance with the Law and Case Analysis (administrative relief included)
2.Case Study and Analysis of Local Government Act
3.Law of Administrative Procedure and Case Analysis
4.Law of Government Information Analysis and Case Study
5.Administrative Penalty Act and Case Analysis
6.Criminal Malfeasance and Punishment of Corruption Act and Case Analysis
7.Security Procedure and Practices
8.The Administrative Neutrality of Civil Servant

1.The Core Vale of Civil Servant
2.The Concept and Practice of Lifelong Learning
3.Interpersonal and Public Communication
4.Gender Mainstreaming
5.Volunteers and Social Service
6.Health Management
7.Classic Research and Analysis

Topic Lecture

1.The Ethics and Integrity of Incorruptible and Efficient Government
2.The New Development of Civil Service Policy
3.Globalization Trends
4.Information Technology and Life
5.Green Energy and Living

Total   150


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