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Goals& Strategy

The NACS will continue to improve the quality of trainers and training programs, and pursue the innovation of training techniques to cultivate quality human resources, and further enhance the service quality of the government. Goals and strategies of development are as follows:

1. Improve seniorcivil service training; cultivate quality talents for policy implementation
The NACS will adopt multiple and comprehensive training programs to develop senior civil servants with more forward-looking and broader governance perspectives and abilities, to further enhance national competitiveness.
2. Intensify basic training for new-entry; intensify their learning effects
To motivate new entries’ passion and sense of mission, the NACS reviews orientation training effects on new entries, organize backflow training, and provide “Trainer’s Feedback”, “Original Mind Incentive” and “Reflection Time” to intensify learning effects on trainees.
3. Strengthen trainers’ teaching skills; establish teaching assessment mechanism
Currently, trainers are mostly recruited from industry, government and academia, while in the future, the NACS will focus on developing trainers from public sectors through trainer empowerment programs and establishment of selection standards, provide training resource service, and organize civil service training fairs. As well, the organization will adopt the evaluation mechanism to reward distinguished trainers, and track the improvement of underperformed trainers, in hopes of enhancing overall training effects.
4. Expand international training cooperation network; establish civil service training platform
Establish an exchange and cooperation platform for international human resource training; deepen international cooperation; expand the global view of civil servants; make the NACS a  enter for human resource development and civil service training and exchange.
5. Introduce information and communication technology; strengthen functions of training information system
With the readiness of cloud computing and wireless applications, as well as the growing opularity of smartphones and tablet computers, the NACS will introduce dependent and reliable information technology, as part of the provision of adequate and customized services for training tasks.

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